DEEKENHR is a human resources consultancy.

We specialise in filling positions in the world of fashion. We are retailers, sales and marketing professionals, buyers and merchandisers, designers and product managers, entrepreneurs and team players, all-​rounders and experts. We know what we are doing. And we do it with experience and specialised knowledge, with our hearts, our guts and our minds.

Filling a position is more than just selecting a technically suitable person. The social competence and individual personality of a new employee are equally important factors for the long-​term success of your work together. Each applicant’s talents and inclinations, and wishes and objectives, must be considered in addition to his or her professional qualifications. The personal chemistry must be right. That is our standard.

A position cannot be filled successfully overnight. We search, identify, contact, win over, check and evaluate with care, discretion, professionalism and responsibility. The candidates we introduce have motivation, commitment and dedication in addition to their technical, functional and managerial competences.